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Fei Wang Reed telling Watanuki that he is a taboo, an abomination and that he will bring misery to everyone around him. Starting with his parents.

And Yuuko, covering his ears. Telling him to not listen.

Do you hear the sound of my breaking heart?

That’s it. I’m done with fucking CLAMP.

Nope, I’m a masochist. I’m still gonna read it.

But really, CLAMP? 

Thanks for breaking my heart.

But still, I love that Yuuko is so protective over little Watanuki. 



Sakura just went through a lot of hell here: her leg got trapped under a hover bike after crashing, she fell from a cliff and impaled that same leg, and than drags that hurt hobbled leg through a lake of acid. Not to mention getting hit and thrown about several times (or the inside of her eye being bloodied). Sakura even had to kill things, and this is Sakura, someone who cares about everything, even things that aren’t alive like a tornado or cactus, but even so she shot those creatures.

Sakura looks back at all the blood coming out of the double headed snake creature saying  “I will surely pay for it… because I did all this…” even though she shot it in self defense you can tell she didn’t like having to resort to killing it and those other creatures. But as much as she didn’t like killing those creatures, it isn’t nearly as important to her as what Syaoran and the others mean to her.

Here she is actually getting the price for the water for Yuko (helping with the price of keeping Fai alive) because she doesn’t want anyone to die. But the words in this scene specifically are speaking about that no matter what she will find a way to return the heart that Syaoran lost. 

In the earlier chapters she felt like she was relying on Syaoran and the others a lot through out the journey, and here you can see how much she is trying to do everything in her power to help, and show that they can also rely upon her more seriously.

It becomes a role reversal, because she loves and cares about Syaoran so much that she wants him to have the soul he created whatever it takes. Just like Syaoran wanted to collect her feathers for her whatever it took, because he cared, loved, and wanted to protect her.

The personality and character development is so powerful and meaningful and so brilliantly shown here.

Sakura really did change after this and the events of Tokyo, and she never gave up, she chose the future that everyone else could live in together.

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